Why is celibacy better than marriage?

1 – Saving money:

One of the most unique features of Valentine’s Day is that you need to spend a lot of money to buy a valuable gift for your partner and go to a luxury restaurant to spend a romantic evening to celebrate the “Flintin”.

2 – You will keep your peace of mind away from anxiety and tension:

You will not be forced to feel anxious and nervous from the idea of ​​planning for a long time to a big surprise loved by your partner.

3 – You will not be disappointed and disappointed:

You will not be disappointed or disappointed if your gift or surprise does not appeal to your partner. Those who are attached give high expectations, especially if the gift is expensive or takes a long time to prepare.

4 – Freedom:

You have absolutely the freedom to do what they solve for you alone, or to go to any place you love only, to pamper yourself.

5 – celibacy an opportunity to love yourself:

Being alone will keep you from constantly remembering how difficult and odd your personal character is.
No one carries a mirror in which you see yourself, no one records your behavior and keeps you in charge of it. If you are fortunate enough to have a period of celibacy, you will be able to endure yourself and even love her.

6- Is bachelorhood without negatives?:

Of course, the purpose of this speech is not to promote the idea that non-association is free from problems. There are disadvantages of course not to marriage , including: loneliness, choking, anger, frustration of the possibility of association, and face the world alone without support to you.

The truth is, we are not good at being happy whatever the situation we live in, and perhaps we are somehow miserable whatever the state of our relationship. So you must not rush quickly to enter into a relationship, do not rush quickly out of one.

7 – Recognize your individual energies: One of the most important advantages of celibacy is the time available for personal activities. It’s time to focus on your abilities and try to discover your talents.

8 – Seeking to build friendships and realize dreams: You can take advantage of the time of celibacy to build real and long friendship and work to achieve your ambitions and dreams.


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